Wet is a website of Dive Xtras Inc. We do not manufacture these underwater electrical cables and connectors but have been selling them for years to scuba divers, stores and OEM manufactures. We have always felt that nobody really provided adequate information about them, information that engineers would find useful if they wanted to use them. This website hopes to correct that deficiency providing you with 3D and 2D views of all the underwater electrical connectors and cables offered. We do not aim to have a product to fit everyone's needs but what we do offer is rugged and reliable, while still being affordable.

Two Pole Connectors

Diver's Series Connector

Often called E/O connectors or cords. These two pole wetmatable underwater electrical connectors are very popular in the diving world. They are most commonly used to connect lighting systems to battery canisters.

Multi Pole Connectors

Multi Pole Connector

Three pole wetmatable under-water electrical connector that is small and compact like the E/O connectors. Useful when you need power and signal connections.



Inline Connectors

Inline Connector

A very clean two pole wetmatable underwater electrical connector with only one extended pin. This design has been used for years and is simple and reliable.



Low Profile Connectors

Low Profile Connector

A compact multi pole wetmatable underwater electrical connector. Useful where space is limited and multiple connections are needed. They can have up to seven poles.